Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Bursting at the seams

Something happened beginning of last week that bothered me. I was getting ready for work, just about to walk out of the door and did the quick bum check in the mirror. Odd I thought, my black pants look really light on the bum area. On closer inspection it was my bum cheeks literally showing through the pants smiling back at me. Running late for work I threw on a long jumper and dashed out the door. Then yesterday would you believe it, this issue came creeping back into my life. I was getting ready and leant over to look in the mirror and heard the bf say oh dear, it looks as though your pants are kind of ripping ON THE ARSE! He was right, another pair of pants were positively bursting at the seams. A pattern was forming. We sat down to breakfast and I had a sudden thought...IT'S THE RADIATORS! I then proclaimed (we dry a lot of our washing on the radiator heating throughout the house). I went on to explain clearly in a very matter of fact tone that the radiators must be shrinking my clothes (pants in particular), obviously this was causing the fabric to be stressed once I put them on hence the wearing out/seam splitting! Heck I might as well have been putting them in the dryer all this time for all the damage these radiators have caused my pants! I heard a muffled cackle and looked up to see the bf sniggering into his bowl of cereal.

Oh no you didn't.

It never occurred to me the Heathrow injection would apply to me being at least 80 miles away. Luckily I do not take this sort of jibe from the bf personally and refusing to accept the alternative he had insinuated, I grabbed the car keys and whipped out of the driveway faster than you can say denial. Sharing a bank account is also fabulous revenge for such quips, I was off to the shops!

Hope you liked that tale and the new pairs of pants.

Miss you both!

Lots of love
Zennor's booty

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