Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Goodness gracious, I have had a run in with technological devices and bad luck this last month and as it appears in a sequence of 3. My beloved snap happy canon was taken followed by the laptop being killed in a power cut while away on a writing mission and lastly – the straw that really breaks the camel’s back some slippery thievy fingers took my iphone right outta my bag in a notorious spot for pick pocketers which of course one finds out after being a victim!! Sheesh in the scheme of life it really is nothing but when one is relying on all 3 for her documenting, work and play it puts a pause and delay on things that is for sure and gets ya feelin a lil bushy tailed. It also seemed to stem my first ever love/hate relationship for island life here, gone was the idea of living here forever eating endless amounts of fried bananas and convincing all the friends and family to also migrate over I was ready to get outta here.

Bali ya sure have tested me these last few weeks, but apparently that’s what it does just to check you can handle it.  Lesson learnt, be more street wise and of course thank the moons and the palm trees I have travel insurance and will be back up and techno savvy before I know it (can’t come fast enough).  On another note I have relocated to a special new nook with my bali babing partner in crime, I go to sleep listening to the frogs and wake up to birds chirpin.  This place sees the sickest sunsets and for the first time in my many homes I got a swimming pool. Yea Yea Yea.  No photos this time, instead a new track I have been listening to loudly.  Missing manly crew and our killer summersmuchly right now XX


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