Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Pear Rekorderlig

Hello Gorgeous girls! It feels like forever since I last saw you, yet I know as soon as we are reunited it will feel like no time has passed at all. I love that we are finally doing this, creating the blog that we dreamed up more than two years ago over $4 tacos at The Pony Room (If you are in Manly, go there immediately - fantastic atmosphere, cheap eats and the sangria is the best i've ever had). So here goes I guess, my first post...

Since returning to Perth from my three week amazing race style holiday in Europe in August, I have been actively trying to enjoy living here more. That sounds really terrible, but I think in the lead up to the holiday I was getting quite down on what I was perceiving as the lack of what Perth has to offer - never not reminiscing on the amazingness that was Sydney - so, since returning I have been making an effort to enjoy Perth more.

It's going to sound bad, but one of the things that is making me really love being here is weekends away! There are so many beautiful places just a stones throw away from Perth (If you can throw a stone about 130kms) and in the last couple of months I have managed to get away to a bunch of them. The boy and I spent a weekend together in Margaret River, during a freezing cold, stormy weekend - there were points where I didn't want to get out of the car it was so cold, but the town is gorgeous. My favourite part was definitely the wild lilies growing throughout all the trees on the side of the road. I couldn't take photos that did them justice - there were thousands of them! 

 Prevally Beach

Lillies, lillies everywhere

The following weekend fifteen of us went camping at Hamelin Bay. The beaches were beautiful white sand, crystal clear water and the Campground is set in a nature reserve, where there are stingrays (without the tails) swimming round. Apparently you can feed them, but I'm way too much of a wuss for that.

Jumping for joy in Hamelin Bay - Sunglasses by Ksubi, Tee by T by Alexander Wang, Shorts by One Teaspoon

 We also rented a house up north and spent a weekend in Jurien Bay. The weather was gorgeous, and we took advantage of it, spending the whole of our Saturday roasting in the sun down on the beach - quite literally for some, who ended up with pretty painful sunburn by the time the sun had set. Rather than describe it, i'll leave you with this image and let you imagine how gorgeous it was there.
No words needed to describe this view from the Jurien Bay Wharf

Ok, so now before this turns into a advert for the Western Australia Tourism department, I'll tell you what you really want to know - What i've been buying lately. I have been on a retail binge since I got back from Europe. I am insatiable when it comes to acquiring new things! The current favourites though are definitely the treasures that I have bought from my talented friends.

The first gush goes to Julia and Jamie and their venture Tusk Collective. The girls are making capsule collections, with 6 or 7 items each time, of homewares, clothing and jewellery. I treated myself to a set of the Bermuda Rings and the I'm Yours Bracelet, which have been worn every day since they arrived. The girls are getting ready to release their next collection and I am already eyeing up their Suede, Mexican inspired, laser cut Kimono!

Bermuda Rings

I'm Yours Bracelet

The other friend absolutely outdoing herself on the creative scale is Celeste. Before I went to Europe, I was lucky enough to get a peak at Celeste's look books for her two labels The Cowboy Geisha and Celeste Tesoriero, and place an order. The items all arrived when I came home - the best post holiday depression pick me up ever! I can't count how many compliments I've had from strangers in the street about my Molten Mountain Necklace, but the most stand out item has to be the shoes. Oh the shoes! The Cowboy Geisha for Lasskaa Biker Boots. There's really no point even trying to explain how amazing these things are in real life - You were right Zennor with the caps lock text message back telling me to buy them!

The Long Chain Molten Mountain Necklace

The Shoes! The Shoes!

I feel like I have composed a novel here, so I'm going to sign off, with my Rekorderlig

Cheers! Dress by Shakuhachi, Necklace by Diva

Love you both and miss you both heaps!
Jade xx

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