Thursday, 8 November 2012

Red wine teeth

I dedicate this post mostly to Berlin. With a birthday on the horizon, an escape from the country was on the cards. Berlin! Berlin! I screamed. Arts and underground, fog and grey skies, sausages and pretzels was what I got.

Now Charlotte and Jade have both been to Berlin, in fact we all stayed at the same place but this is my first blog entry so I can write about it first and show off my photos.

To sleep: Michelberger Hotel was definitely a fabulous recommendation and did not disappoint. If any of you Euro swaying kids are heading that way I would say it ticks all the boxes, clean, reasonably priced, bar downstairs and amazing decor and finishing touches that makes ALL the difference.

Michelberger decor

Birthday wine at the hotel

To Tour: Next on my list of things to do would definitely have to be taking advantage of the free tours the city has to offer. When I say free you actually tip at he end but well worth it. We did a historical tour through New Berlin Tours and had a fabulous guide called Amy who was a Londoner living in Berlin. She was totally immersed in Berlin's culture so made for a great guide who actually held my attention for more than three seconds without trying to think of ways to escape and go shopping (ok that's a bit of a fibby).

Tour guide Amy
Next up we went for an alternative tour which explores the street and graffiti art that is scattered all around Berlin and gives some background to where the movement all began. This tour we did through Alternative Berlin. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

No idea why this man was dressed as a clown

The tours gave us a great overview of Berlin, being such a large city it was great to get some bearings before heading off to explore for ourselves.

Rugged up!

New jacket detail

Hackescher Markt tiramisu, not very German but I wasn't going to say no
Holocaust Memorial

Ok SHOPS SHOPS you're thinking, did she ever make it to the god damm shops??!! Of course! After much anxiety and frustration - mostly because I had misjudged the weather and couldn't wear my new feather jacket birthday present (more on this to come) and also the bf was two hat purchases up on me. So as it always seems to go when you have that credit card burning a hole in your pocket and dying to find SOMETHING, ANYTHING it never comes easy. But my time to shine at the till did arrive and it was worth the wait. Ode to an idol.

Rolling Karl t-shirt Eleven Paris

This post has been more scenic than shop but do not fear the shopping bug is alive in me and has been sneaking out at the naughtiest of times. More buys and treasures to come! Miss you both! Signing off with a vino pic before the red wine teeth come out.

Lots of love
Zen xox

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